Wednesday, November 6

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Arcada, 16:30


Auo had a school culture day at Vuotalo, and Irma was working at home, so I left with Naa early. It was the first time we had seen each other in almost a week.

I spent the morning preparing the second session of the Interactive Storytelling course, fitting what Erik had said yesterday with what we wanted the group to do. I had a meeting with Thomas about the role of story and script in the project, and urgent, intermittent chats with Jutta, who was caught up in the today’s festival for potential applicants.

We spent the afternoon running the second session of the course, which finished with the students assembling themselves into teams, and going off to devise a preliminary concept for their interactive story. Now the class has departed and I am looking out of the window at a red and yellow sunset.

I will get home in time to see Irma and Auo leaving for her cello lesson. She has been using a borrowed beginner’s cello so far, but tonight she will be choosing her real cello. She has had one for a week to try and she will be trying a second. She will come back later with the one she and the teacher have agreed is right for her. I will here it for the first time and agreed that, whatever else it is, it is LOUD.