Monday, November 4

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Outside Arcada, 15:15


This morning we started the school/work, bus/tram routine again. It was pouring with rain, and indeed it continued to rain until the middle of the evening.

I started the morning with a Skype meeting with Jutta and then typed all my notes and invoices from Plymouth. Finally I met with Freddi to renew the Screenfly domain and hosting for another year. We were going to transfer ownership so that it leaves my hands completely, but the process involves setting up support tickets with both Hostmonster and GoDaddy, so we decided to renew them first, a week before the deadline, to avoid possible problems, and then transfer the ownership during the next month.

In the afternoon I updated some assignments and began planning the week’s course, which involved another online meeting with Jutta.

Now I am on my way home, slightly early. The tree outside Arcada is autumnal and I am going to help Auo with her maths homework while Irma is out late at a seminar.

In the evening I will iron and vacuum clean. I will also search the vacuum cleaner for an ear ring of Naa’s that allegedly found its way in there over the weekend. I will not find it.