Tuesday, October 22

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Tallinninaukio, 14:50


The temperature this morning was minus four. The cat was extremely irritating. We left early.

I led the first session in the final block of the Mobile Apps course, which is an extended workshop designed to produce working examples of the framework we have been building for interactive stories.

I returned a cd to the library and got another one I had ordered. I swapped Yo Yo Ma for Johnny Clegg. Then I left for the S-Market in Itäkeskus, and here I am outside the metro station looking at the one stall still active in the square. I will buy milk and race home.

At 16:30 Irma and Naa will arrive back from Thailand, with gifts and stories. They will be tired, and I will be tired because the cat kept me awake for a large part of last night. We will go to bed very early, and the cat will keep me awake for most of the night again.