Sunday, October 20

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Puotila harbour, 14:30


This morning the ground was covered in thick frost which persisted until almost midday. I went outside to remove the rest of the leaves and they were crunchy underfoot.

We both decided that a cycle ride was what we needed and now we are at the little restaurant by the boats. It is surprisingly full and we are sitting outside with Jaffa and buns. The sky is clear and blue but the temperature has fallen enough that I am glad I found some gloves in my jacket pockets.

Later we will drive to Prisma to buy some glue that won’t go lumpy when it is used to stick A4 pages together to make an A5 book. Auo will print her fairy tale out, for her English class, having carefully formatted it in Word so that there are two pages per sheet, with the correct gutter. Then we will glue it, and she will paste in the hand-drawn illustrations.

Mexican leftovers will turn into a delicious Sunday dinner. After that we will tidy the house, have showers, find nothing on television, and go to bed early because school restarts tomorrow.