Saturday, October 19

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Prisma, 11:30


The ground was covered with frost this morning and the weather forecast promised that the temperature would not rise above four degrees this weekend. I went back to bed.

Now we are entering Prisma past the line of specialist trolleys. We are looking for bread, milk and whatever we need for the Mexican feat we are planning for later.

When we get home we will rake the leaves again. We have a theory: the neighbours are tipping truckloads of leaves into our garden every night. It is the only hypothesis that fits the facts. As we rake for the third time in about five days we will be assaulted by large hailstones that sting as they bounce off our heads.

Later Auo will make salads and I will make guacamole, refried beans, and fried meat. WE will heat tortillas and imagine that we are wearing sombreros.

Later I will chat with Irma and listen to Pete Wylie and Jimmy Campbell. The Rockin Horse album is still superb.