Tuesday, October 15

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Itäväylä, 17:30


Olivia was here overnight, and both she and Auo were awake when I left for Arcada at 9:10.

I ran a short opening session for Advanced Web Apps, going over the fundamentals of WordPress. The time past so quickly that I kept thinking that I had missed something important out. I hadn’t and we finished early. I spent thirty minutes with Daniel, who knows WordPress much more than this course will cover. WE worked out a personal project for him that satisfied both of us: a mobile-first responsive theme.

I went home to eat the rest of the brownies with the girls, and to set up fifteen sub-domains with pre-installed WordPress for tomorrow, when the fun starts. I also made pork fillet with potatoes, turnips, carrots and entirely home-made gravy. We all ate lots. Olivia and I then tried to eat the melon I had bought over the weekend from Stockmann and both gave up. It was unripe and hard as wood. Auo was cackling because she was eating a perfectly ripe pear that she had chosen from Stockmann herself. Olivia and I watched the juice dripping from her chin as we tried to dig our spoons into our melon slices.

Now Auo and I are driving back from Kulosaari, having deposited Olivia and her crutches back home. We are at the traffic lights near Alepa behind a Porsche Carrera and several less noticeable cars. When we get home I will cycle back to Alepa to buy milk and then turn the remaining vegetables into soup.

I will also talk to Tommy about an impossible collision in the timetable and chat with Irma who is having a very good time in the warmth and luxury.