Monday, August 14

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Kaisaniemi Metro Station, 12:10


WE left later than usual because Auo had to go to Vuosaari to walk in the woods as part of a class nature trip. At Itäkeskus she went one way and I went the other.

The morning consisted of meetings, the last one of which took place at Socåkom. Now Liisa, Tomas and I are on our way back to Arcada. We have used an entrance to Kaisaniemi metro station that I did not know existed. I am looking at the neon lighting form an angle I have never seen it from before.

When we get back I will chat with Jutta for the first time since Joburg and we will have a team meeting.

Later Auo will return from Olivia’s house with Olivia, who is on crutches as a result of a football injury. They will eat pizza, talk surprisingly quietly, and make more brownies. She will stay the night.

I will make plans for the Advanced Web Apps course that begins tomorrow.