Thursday, October 3

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Empire Road, Johannesburg, 08:30


This morning I decided that there was no need for an omelette and settled, once more, for a breakfast of coffee, toast and Marmite.

We walked to AFDA and now we are standing looking at a glass building on a main road reflecting the glass buildings on the other side of the road.

We will spend the day with the students, answering questions as they arise. and bringing our own work up to date: both Arcada work and personal work.

We will eventually go for a very late afternoon lunch at Salvationcafe, in 44 Stanley, where I will have an avocado burger, in which the burger is handmade from real meat. I will also have a fresh beetroot, carrot and apple drink that has an overpowering flavour (in a good way) and is viscous enough to be spoonable.

Just as we are about to leave for a leisurely walk back to the hotel one group will ask us to hear a rehearsal of their presentation. We will stay later than we had intended, and happily accept a lift home from Nicole.

In the evening, on the rooftop, we will work out different ways of dividing the groups for the next and major project.