Tuesday, October 1

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A Room with a View, 6:50


I woke a couple of times in the night for about two minutes, and finally woke properly at 6:30. Looking around it dawned on me how very odd my hotel room is. I have a four poster bed, and it has sculptural shelves on either side. In front of the door is a big hole with a metal spiral staircase. I am looking down it now at the wonderful cave-like bathroom that is at the bottom.

In a minute I will have a long hot bath before joining Jutta for breakfast. This time I will have bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes with my cheese omelette.

Last night I got a lift back to the hotel with Nicole, one of the students from Johannesburg, with Malin from Helsinki and Kim, who is from Harare but lives and studies in Johannesburg. This morning we will get picked up by Gina.

We will spend most of the day with the students. They will spend the morning showing five minutes of film or video and five minutes talking about their choice. The fact that the equipment will keep breaking and the internet access will be intermittent at best will cause this to work perfectly as an icebreaker. After this will will divide them into four groups.

The afternoon will start by Lars, Jani and Gina presenting the initial brief, after which we will meet each of the groups to see how they intend approaching it.

Jani will walk us home using a completely different route from yesterday morning. We will stop at the local mall to get some supplies from the Spar supermarket. I will find dandelion and burdock, for the first time in several years.