Sunday, September 30

YEAR:  2013 | Tags:  | | |

A rooftop in Maboneng, 16:00


I had about six hours of very deep sleep before being woken by a treeful of very loud African birds outside my window. Then I dozed again. At about 9:00 I wandered outside to find the breakfast room, which was in another of the three houses. I had All Bran with fresh fruit, a lot of freshly squeezed orange juice, an omelette with cheese, and toast and Marmite.

At 12:00 I met Jutta, Lars and Jani and we walked to AFDA, which took about thirty minutes. We stopped for lunch at the News Cafe in a small mall we passed and I got myself an adapter from the chemist, which seemed like a rebranded version of Boot’s.

After a meeting with Gina, introductions to various people, and an inspection of the premises, we joined the students for an Instagram tour of Maboneng, a district that is being regenerated and is fast developing a thriving art and culture community. We are now on the roof of one of the buildings there which has a boxing club in the basement, and will have shops on the ground floor and apartments in the remaining four floors. We are looking out over the city.

Later we will return to street level, sit in a bar and then all have a meal in the street at Sha’p Shisha Nyama in Kruger Street. We will be eating braai-style and I will discover that I really like pap, which is made from cornmeal.