Saturday, September 28

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Itäkeskus, 14:00


This morning we got up reasonably late and had a long weekend breakfast. Then Irma started baking for tonight’s party while I packed my suitcase.

At 12:00 I cycled to Prisma to get a bottle of sparkling wine for the toasts this evening. Now I am at Itäkeskus where I have just cycled. I am just about to get some South African rands for tomorrow.

At 17:00 the house will fill with guests: Jyrki, Laura and Katja; Jana; Päivi and Leo; and we will toast Naa, exchange more presents and eat pies and cakes.

At 18:00 Naa will leave for the city centre for her third party. A group of friends are meeting here in a restaurant before going on to a club. Naa has our permission to come home late and drunk (but not too late and not too drunk), and will arrive home politely tipsy at about two o’clock.

I will already be in bed by then. I will have gone to bed at about 21:30 in preparation for my all-day journey tomorrow.