Tuesday, September 24

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A corridor in Arcada, 14:00


This morning began early, and was even colder than yesterday. I checked the thermometer and my offhand comment yesterday to the effect that the temperature had suddenly dropped about ten degrees turned out to be factually accurate. It was about +4 at 6:45 this morning.

I spent much of the day leading the Mobile Apps course, as we began the second block. In this one we will be putting together what we known to build the first prototype of a framework for making interactive stories. Today I added a few additional tools to the kit, including a rapid run-through of using native hand-written javascript inside jQuery Mobile. The final example, of course, flatly refused to work, and the class left as I sat there trying to work out what went wrong.

Twenty minutes later I had and I put everything down and walked to get a coffee. Now I am pausing to look at one of the infoboards which is explaining how I can log into Arcada’s services.

Later I will send out the NSS pdfs I compiled yesterday and race home in order to see Naa and Auo before they go to their photography class. I will discover that it has been cancelled, and so they do not need me to collect them later. I will therefore set about painting the final window frame so that the painting is completed by the time Irma comes home.

She will arrive from Copenhagen at about 22:00, unpack while talking about the conference, and go straight to bed. This will be the first night that the cat has not bothered me since Irma left, and I will be asleep within seconds of lying down and will sleep soundly until 6:00.