Sunday, September 22

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A road, 15:00


This morning I got up earlier than the girls and painted the inside of the door to the garden white, as well as the door frame and the plank along the floor. It will take three coats before it looks white as opposed to a waxy yellow.

Naa got up and Auo gave her some chocolate as a small present-actually-on-her-birthday present. Irma phoned from Denmark to sing “Happy Birthday”.

Irma has gone to a four day Big Cities conference in Aahlborg, and has discovered to her horror that the entire conference is apparently in Danish, despite the fact that most of the delegates are from other Nordic countries. She is, to put it mildly, that she has missed Naa’s birthday to sit in a hall in a small Danish town listening to lectures that she cannot understand.

Naa’s friend Sofia came for a visit because she thought Naa should have some company for her birthday. Auo included herself in the company, and the company enjoyed three things: watching YouTube, walking round Vartiokylä, and gossiping and giggling. After ninety minutes of this excitement Sofia left.

Now I am on my way to Prisma on my bike. I am under the impression that it closes at 16:00, which is wrong, and I am concerned that I am rapidly running out of paint. I have a fear of painting 96% of the door and frame.

While I am there I will buy a chicken and in a couple of hours we will have a roast chicken with potatoes and peas for our Sunday meal. In the evening I will watch a one hundred minutes documentary about Scott Walker which will manage to sustain my interest. Then we will all go to bed.