Tuesday, September 17

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Jans-Magnus Janssons plats, 16:00


This morning I began the Mobile Apps course and it advanced a lot more rapidly than I had intended. The difference between working with jQT and jQuery Mobile is extraordinary. In previous years we have moved slowly by exploration, frustration and discovery. This year everyone understood jQuery Mobile immediately, and the online documentation proved so good that I had almost nothing to explain. Fortunately half the class had to leave halfway through because of a scheduling clash and so I took the other half through a detour into jQT territory, where everything slowed down as expected.

After this I had a tutorial meeting with Maija and Tony in which a lot of ground was successfully covered. I felt elated by the time they left.

Now I am on my back from the library where I returned a Yo-Yo Ma cd and collected the Solo cd of his that I had ordered. I have walked in the afternoon sunshine, in order to think, and I am now looking at the lions outside Arcada’s main entrance.

I will spend the evening writing a blueprint for the mobile app that will now accompany the final section of my thesis – while providing the research material for Maija and Tony’s theses. While doing this I downloaded Air, an infinite reimagining of Eno’s Music for Airports. It is very nice, and directly relevant to what I will be writing.