Monday, September 16

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Arcada, 8:50


Irma had an important meeting at 8:00 so she left first this morning. Auo, Naa and I all caught the 8:12.

I have been thinking about geometry and grid designs, for a couple of courses I will begin soon, and now I am at Arcada and about to enter I see some in front of me.

I will spend the day planning the final details for the Mobile Apps course. In the middle of the day I will break off to have a meeting with Jutta about the draft timetable for the South African project. She is hungry and so we will meet at Chico’s for my first hamburger in four or five months. Today’s special is a teriyaki burger and so that is what we will have.

In the afternoon I will download a book from the O’Reilly bookstore and begin reading it.