Thursday, September 12

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Arcada, 15:50


This morning I did a lot of administration and planning work, which involved a lot of emails. It also involved siting and listening to an hour or so of detailed complaints about the way in which certain projects are organised and information is, or isn’t shared. I felt that I was getting a much larger chunk of information than I required.

At 12:00 I repeated yesterday’s journey to Soc&Kom. This time I was due to lecture to Tom’s first year students so I took my laptop and disk in preference to discovering that my USB stick refused to work with whatever computer they provided. I need not have bothered since the equipment there all worked perfectly.

I lectured for two hours ten minutes on Media Ecology, using a McLuhan based approach and a deck of fifty Powerpoint slides and an out-of-copyright episode of Dragnet. They all seemed to like it and Tom was certainly pleased afterwards.

Now I am back at Arcada to drop off my laptop. I can see Lasse cycling home. Soon I will leave to find out which door is usable today.