Monday, September 9

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Heathrow, 10:05


We woke at 6:45, decided against breakfast, washed, and checked the cases. We added the chocolate and cheese we had kept in the fridge, decided my bag would have to go in the cargo, and left.

When we got to the airport it turned out that the boarding passes that I had spent about two hours and nine euros printing out yesterday were worthless because the QR code had not printed correctly. The happy man behind the deserted baggage drop counter printed new ones for us in seconds.

Now we are boarding. The good news is that we got two of the best seats on the plane. We are in a row of two with a gap on the left just in front of the emergency exit, so there is nobody behind us to kick us and we have a row to ourselves.

We will get the bus from the airport to Itäkeskus, and from there to home. We will arrive back to find that the house is in the middle of building works and the cat can’t work out how it is supposed to get in or out.

We will go to bed early.