Friday, September 6

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Peter Jones, Kings Road, 15:30


Today was either going to be more museums or serious shopping. It was supposed to rain hard and so we voted for more museums. We were at the Science Museum shortly after 10:00 and stayed there until 14:00. We both thought it was much better than yesterday, and it was full of answers to the kind of questions that Auo asks on a daily basis. The shop was good too, and Auo left with a giant poster of the solar system.

When we came out we walked to the station and up to a nearby Subway. It was not raining at all and I pointed out that the next stop on the way back to Clapham was Sloane Square. AUo was delighted.

Now we are in Peter Jones at the start of King’s Road. We are on the 7th Floor, looking out of a window in the restaurant at the view of Chelsea. We will buy a few gift before leaving to walk the entire length of the road. We will stop at Waterstones, Muji, Cath Kidston, and five or six clothes shops, as well as glancing into Habitat.

Realising that the Euro Lodge has a microwave available for the use of guests we will head to Tesco for some microwavable meals, along with pitta bread and dips. And the Innocent smoothies that Auo fell in love with last year.

We will discover some very odd British comedy shows on BBC1 and BBC2, including one called Big School.