Thursday, September 5

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Natural History Museum, London, 13:00


This morning Irma drove us to the airport in her pyjamas while we wished we were still in ours. By 8:00 we were checked in and seated and by 9:15 British time, we were standing in a line waiting to be allowed into the country.

This has been planned by Auo as a museums and shopping trip. Since check-in time at the hotel is 15:00 and we have to pass through South Kensington on the way, we have leaped off the tube and into the Natural History Museum. We have now spent more than two hours here. We have wandered around and sat outside in the gardens, and drunk a home-made lemonade. Now we have just finished looking at a slice through the biggest tree in the world, and we are about to go to the shop and then to the restaurant. We will have large and not too expensive meal.

The tunnel back to the tube also contains a door into the V&A, and so we will have a look there too, albeit briefly. By the time we finally get to Clapham South we will already have two museums under our belt.

Having checked in we will look around and discover with delight that our room is equipped with a fridge and perfect working wifi. We will race to Tesco to stock up on snacks and cold drinks. After a brief walk around the Common, with a pause at The Windmill, we will return to explore British television.