Wednesday, September 4

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Arcada, 15:30


This morning I reworked the pre-assignment for the NSS project groups after some comments by Lars and Jani. We met two of the students (the other two were abroad) for the preliminary briefing session. Lars told them how South Africa was, Jani explained the practical details and I described the programme. As the explanations unrolled it began to seem exciting and feasible.

After a lunch of crispbread and cheese I met Ville who is just about to begin a master’s thesis. He has asked me to supervise him and I have agreed. The project seemed interesting since it is a real-life project that he undertaking at work with large scale real-life consequences for the client.

Now I am finishing preparations for next week’s masterclass in NextGen Gallery. I have a demo installation and the documentation to hand. Outside the annual start-of-the-academic-year ceremony is about to begin. The square is prepared but empty. Staff are wandering about in unfamiliar suits. Sadly I have forgotten mine and am wearing bright red chinos. I have thus excused myself.

Later I will go home and pack along with Auo. We will have an early bed time because we have to be at the airport at 6:00 tomorrow. Look out London, here we come.