QR Code Generators a gogo

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POSTED: September 3, 2013

There are a lot of QR code generators on the web, and most of them do exactly what they claim to do. However today I came across one that does a lot more than usual.

QR4.nl has a variety of different kinds of generators that produce very specific QR codes for specific purposes. One embeds a phone number in such a way that scanning it causes the phone to dial the number with one click.

The front page of the QR4 site on the day I posted this

Another embeds an entire SMS message and phone number into a QR code, while a third lets any Android device log into your locked Wifi by scanning it. This is very useful if you have guests, or your daughters’ friends, wanting to use the wifi. The QR code does two things. It stops you having to help them type in the complex password, and it stops them ever knowing the complex password.

They also offer a lot of business-oriented paid services, all of which seem the sort of thing that you will find invaluable if you ever need them.