Friday, August 30

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Outside Aalto, 13:00


Today is Auo’s twelfth birthday, and we woke her up with some gifts. including a pink folder containing a yellow envelope containing her tickets for a trip to London with me next week. She was happy, and on the way to school we decided to go to the Science Museum.

I spent the morning doing a lot and getting the feeling that I wasn’t achieving much. Much of the time I was just ticking items off my task list. I think I found myself administrating my administration at one point.

Now I am outside TAIK, where I have gone to change my password because the online system refused to allow me to do it there. Apparently one field in my profile contains an old TAIK employment code where it should really contain my henkilötunnus. This is something that the Student Services people have done, and only they can correct it – and they can only correct it on Tuesday or Thursday between 12:00 and 15:00. Another trip next week then.

I will spend the afternoon completing all the tasks on my list for this week, and then get home for 16:30 when Irma and Naa arrive home. Then we will give out more presents and the fun will continue.