Wednesday, August 28

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Mannerheimintie, 15:15


In the morning I began to plan the Interactive Storytelling course and talked with Jutta about it. Then I compiled year-by-year photographic lists of the Online Media students, so that we now know who everyone is and which group they belong to. Of course we both already know who everybody is: the real problem is spotting who is missing from a group without accidentally adding someone from another group into the mental calculations.

After lunch we met the second, third and fourth year students, and explained this year’s changes.

Now I opposite Stockmann where I have just been to try (and fail) to get a last minute addition to Irma’s birthday presents for tomorrow. There is a limited edition Coke bottle available – for one week only, and only at Stockmann – and I wanted it to complement an eau de toilette I have bought. The bottle is by Marc Jacobs and the perfume is too.

Unfortunately the week in which they are available starts tomorrow.

Instead I get a performance by the local Hare Krishna club, which is neither tuneful nor jolly. I confess that I didn’t know we have a local Hare Krishna club.

When I get home, with my bag of gifts wrapped at work, I will go for a 2km run and manage it in less than nine minutes.