Tuesday, August 27

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Hermannin rantatie, 19:45


This morning I met the first year students for the first time, when I gave them an impromptu lecture on the future as Tommy stepped out of the room for a meeting with Katarina. Fortunately I had a plan up my sleeve and I spent the hour asking them about what hardware, software and digital services they used. I managed to compile this into a live Excel spreadsheet and now I have the results of the first Annual Online Usage survey.

Then I met with Jutta to talk about the new list of competences we are supposed to be preparing, whatever that means. After we had done it I had no more idea of what we were supposed to be doing, and why, than I did before we began.

In the afternoon the whole team met the whole first year and fun ensued.

Now I am on my way back to Arcada from Pixelache where we have just had a a board meeting. I paused afterwards to take another panorama and post it to 360Cities.

The sun is out and I am going to count the brisk walk there and back as a feebel version of a daily pre-run exercise. Back at Arcada I will talk with Tommy about the absurdity of drawing up self-defined competences that amount to no more than empty buzzwords strung together and he will agree, while pretending that there is another side to the argument.