Monday, August 26

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A Block, Arcada, 14:00


The weather today is continuing to act as though it was the height of summer. I am glad I am in shorts.

I have spent the morning dealing with administration of one kind and another, and now I have just managed to get my laptop working with the projector and sound system in A309. This is good news. I didn’t manage this at all last year. Fortunately both Claus and Johnny were sitting here, and they both had a personal interest in getting it to work. So now it does.

I am standing looking down the corridor wondering what to do next. The answer is: reschedule the Mobile Apps course which has been completely messed up by the ten days I will spend in Africa. I will spend an hour or so rethinking it and then rescheduling it. The result will not make me happy, although it is almost certainly the best that could be done.

I will arrive home first. Auo will arrive home second, from Olivia’s where she has been spending the afternoon. Irma will arrive third and Naa will not arrive at all because she will be spending the night in Kamppi.

In the evening I will cycle to Prisma to get printer cartridges because Auo needs to print out an assignment tomorrow evening.