Sunday, August 25

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Sundö, 10:20


Sunshine woke me at about 7:30 to tell me that it was enthusiastic about getting out into the garden. I let it out about 8:30 and got up with it. On Friday we had filled a wheelbarrow full of pine cones and this morning I have done the same. I look at one of the images I took on Friday and try to replicate it.

Soon Auo will be up and then Irma and Naa. The weather will turn out to be ferociously hot and the sky almost completely cloudless. We will clear up from the party and then do some washing, as much because we like the theatre as from any real need. We have established a set of rituals that involve carrying buckets from the well and managing the outlet pipe by hand.

We will leave on the 16:30 ferry, with only one more visit planned before autumn forces us into long trousers and thick jumpers.