Tuesday, August 20

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Hameentie, 20:20


This was the first early morning of the school year. I was up at 6:30 and Auo was trying to get up at 6:45.

I spent the morning meeting with Tore to discuss e-learning, flash cards and brain training. Then I met with Jani to discuss the North South South project, and then I attended Katarina’s lunch meeting where she told us she was returning to Sweden at Christmas.

In the afternoon I worked with Tony and Maija on the adult virtual world: the relaxation and reflection pool. We finished a very long conversation with a clear, practical plan for a first version that combined things we had done before into an easily describable whole.

Now I am attempting to write some more of my thesis. I am looking out of the window to allow my long-range vision some recovery time and I can see a startling dusk.

I am outside photographing it.

Soon I will have a long phone conversation with Irma about the “message home” that we have received from AUo. This is part of the new system their new teacher has introduced, and I will have a lot to say about it at the parents’ meeting next Wednesday.