Saturday, August 17

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Herttoniemi Pop-up Market, 11:50


This morning I got up early and ran one and a half kilometres in 11 minutes 20 seconds. This is almost fast enough.

The advertised rain has not arrived yet and we are at the pop-up market in Herttoniemi. Irma has pre-ordered on the web and so I have brought my iPad with the order in Evernote. We get everything we ordered and more.

Later we will go to Prisma to look at freezers. We are collecting so many berries that we are running out of cold storage space. We will not buy anything but we will leave with several things to think about.

The girls will go too the centre to watch Despicable Me at Kinopalatsi, and we will sit around thinking out loud. We will spend the evening with a glass of wine and a choice of several channels of nonsense on television.