Monday, August 5

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Vartiokylä, 20:00


This morning we got up late. I went for a long walk as a preliminary form of training. I walked to Prisma, crossed the main road, and then walked back past Plantagen.

After breakfast I began painting the outside wall of the shed while Irma and the girls went to Itis. They met Mikael and Camilla there and eventually returned with a variety of things to eat and wear. Irma also brought another large can of paint.

This was too late for today because I had already stopped painting when I ran out of paint.

Mikael, Camilla and Ann-Sofie called in briefly on their way back to Sundö, and now I am going for a brief walk in the woods to see if there is anything new and interesting to see.

There isn’t. The sun, however, is beginning to turn the sky red.