Sunday, August 4

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Garden, Helsinki, 19:00


This morning we did two loads of washing, captured the cat, and tidied Sundö. We caught the 14:15 ferry to the mainland and drove to Helsinki with Ann-Sofie on board. She is going to Itis tomorrow for autumn clothes, school bags, and more.

Ann-Sofie helped us unpack the car and then Irma drove her to Camilla’s aunt where she is spending the night. Sunshine was immediately at home and found its seat in the garden, where it has been for an hour or so.

Now we have eaten and we are sitting in the garden with a glass of wine that Irma cunningly purchased the last time she was in Helsinki. In an hour I will cycle to Alepa under the flimsy pretence that this is alsmost as good as jogging, and therefore counts as training towards the Midnight Run.