Saturday, August 3

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Sandholmsudden, 8:20


We are at the market and Camilla has put the sunflowers Auo picked yesterday in their basket while Marita stands and chats.

It is nearing the end of summer, many people have already returned home, and the market will be relatively quiet. The other half of our stall will be occupied by the Crab Man, who comes once a year on the Saturday when people hold crab parties. We will watch amazed as several people buy 500 euros of crab buckets.

Yesterday I cleared a lot of logs and old branches from behind the toilet. This afternoon I will finish the job, which will be messy since a lot of the branches were from huge Christmas trees and so a lot of the rubbish will be two and three year old needles, which will get in my Crocs, under my skin, and everywhere else they can manage.

After this I will spend a couple of hours picking gooseberries and black currants, getting about 3 kilos of each. Camilla has so many that she is happy for us to help empty the bushes.

The weather has been hot and sunny. In the evening we will sit in the garden talking about the summer, and planning tomorrow’s departure. We will watch Sunshine arrive with a bird and make itself supper.