Thursday, August 1

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Ågatan, Borgå, 15:45


This morning we got up late and no writing happened. It was raining.

Irma has always hated having too many choices, especially in restaurants, and she has always avoided Subway. Now, for some reason, she has decided to learn how to do it. Therefore in the morning Auo taught Irma how to order in Subway, and then they practised it like a language lesson until she could do step with no hesitation: which size, which bread, which filling, which vegetables, which dressing, which seasoning, which drink.

In the afternoon the weather lightened up and we decided to make our annual pilgrimage to Porvoo Old Town, with a view to actually eating in Subway. Now we are here wandering from shop to shop. Clothes and toiletries will be purchased.

In a couple of hours we will find ourselves in Subway and Irma will successfully order a piazzola melt with iced tea. Auo and I will have tuna with Coke Zero.