Saturday, July 27

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Sandholmsudden, 8:30


Naa has opted to stay in bed at home. The rest of us are at the market. Everyone is setting up and today is one of the few days that Lasse turns up to sharpen knives. He has set his stand up and is sitting in Benita’s having breakfast.

The day will be very hot, almost the promised heatwave, the market will be busy and both Irma and Terttu will have a good day. Åke caught no fish yesterday and so his stall is depleted. He has his bread, his pickled fish and his friend’s eggs.

In the afternoon we will sit in the garden drinking cider and I will saw a tree down.

The string on Auo’s hammock broke yesterday and she fell out and hit her bottom. Today I repaired it and it broke again and she fell out and hurt her bottom. Mikael gave us some new rope and I spent an hour up a ladder with Irma trying to teach me advanced knotting by shouting at me to obey incomprehensible instructions. Fun was had by all.