Sunday, July 21

YEAR:  2013 | Tags:  | | |

Hörgbergsgården, Pellinki, 11:45


This morning the weather was suitable for late September. As we drove to the Vintage Market Auo noticed that a lot of the leaves on the birch trees were already yellowing, so it is not just us that thinks the weather is unseasonal.

We are at the Vintage Market where we find Mikael and Camilla, Mona and Sofie, and most of the other people we see at Benita’s. Janne Nyberg is here and Terttu turns up. We buy some sheets, which we need, and a plate and a basket, and then we leave.

In the afternoon we will do two loads of washing in the new miracle machine (that’s 360 litres of water to carry, fact fans) and fail to put it on the washing line because of a sudden storm. Luckily we will have the clothes horse that Irma bought on Friday for just such an emergency.

Irma and Auo will leave for Helsinki on the 18:30 ferry and Naa and I will both begin writing. She is writing a play that is going to be performed at her school and I am writing a thesis that will change the world.