Thursday, July 18

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Köydenpunojankatu, Helsinki, 18:30


Last night Naa went to Kamppi. This morning I spent a couple of hours picking the berries from our bushes, after which there was showering and dressing up.

At 14:00 the three of us joined Naa at Kamppi for Irma’s mother’s 85th birthday party. Irma’s sisterwas there. Susanna, Arto and Vanessa arrived shortly after us, and then came Jens and Lotta, and Kim. There was a huge lohikakku which was eaten mainly by Naa, Susanna and me. I love voileippakakku!

There was also a chocolate cake, a strawberry cake and a table full of other things. Naa and I both overate with gusto.

We left and walked down to the harbour where the Tall Ships Race is in occupation. We walked along looking at the replica nineteenth century ships. These are two of the masts of the Gotenberg, a Swedish boat that will take passengers for large amounts of money.

In a few moments we will get the tram and metro back to our car in Kulosaari and drive to Prisma. It will start raining. For a time it will be as hard as a monsoon but after thirty minutes it will slow down to a drizzle. This will not stop me from damply picking the final berries from the bushes.

After this we will drive to Sundö in the rain and sudden cold. The cat will be waiting for us and food in one order or another. We will feed Sunshine and go to bed.