Sunday, July 14

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Garden, Sundö, 14:40


I got up early and wrote. Auo got up next and then at 10:15 I got Irma up for the yard sale on Lille Pellinge.

We were there by 11:05 and it was already full. We bumped into everyone we meet at the market, as we made out way round looking at the plates and cups. We ended up with eight euros worth of bits and pieces including an Aku Ankka pocket book from 1978, when they were still printed in an odd mixture of color and black and white.

The morning has turned into another hot, cloudless afternoon and Irma has finished mowing the lawn. I am photographing a toy animal that we found in one of the boxes of free things, and took because Irma said that it looked lonely and sad stuck in a box of old baseball caps. There is some dispute about whether or not it is from the Sylvanian Family series. I think they are smaller than this, but maybe they changed size at some point like Action Man.

Later we will all go swimming, the girls will go for ice-cream, and we will eat pasta and blue cheese salad.