Wednesday, March 14

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Hameentie, 13:55

This morning was choc-a-bloc with activity, all of it arriving in small chunks and departing almost as soon as it arrived. I wrote seven emails in the first twenty minutes at my desk, none of them short and none of them responses to anything in my inbox. I then emptied my inbox and wrote an abstract for Camp Pixelache.

Then I had a long planning session with Johnny in which we agreed that the way forward involved core skills in html5, css3, basic php and javascript, and a choice of jQTouch or SenchaTouch. Then I explained it all to Jutta when she arrived and Johnny departed for a completely meaningless one-day seminar/sales pitch from Microsoft.

Lunch was at Dylan with Andrew, where we had a lengthy discussion about Pixelache, and how to move forward with the Virtuality Grand Tour. We both agreed on the possibilities and the strategies we could devise to get there. I chatted with Milla on the way out (and promised to return sooner next time).

Now I am looking at the window at what looks like a beautiful Spring day. I have just posted a revised version of the Urban No-Mind essay, and I am about to start on the next phase of WordPress/php jiggery-pokery.