Sunday, July 7

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Sundö, 16:00


This morning I did some writing that actually felt like an achievement for the first time in about five days. Then I washed my hair and we had breakfast.

We raced to the country market – the landloppis – and got there at 10:40. It was supposed to open at 11:00 but it was already packed and busy. We realised why we have always missed the bargains in the past. We got a table for the market stall, and a few bits and pieces. Everyone we know was there including Janne from Arcada. Irma’s friend Leena joined us with her two children.

After the market we took Leena to the village shop and then to Benita’s, after which we went home and had a meal in the garden: Viking’s fishcakes and Camilla’s potatoes and salad, with Åke Andersson’s bread. We are now in the fields introducing Verna and Shen to the sheep. Nokkipikki is coming over to say hello. Mikaela, the white sheep that is Ann-Sofie’s, has been with us from the moment she saw us.

The weather has been dry and hot all day, and when Leena leaves we will sit in the garden in the sun, until Irma goes and lies down for a nap.