Friday, July 5

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garden at Sundö, 18:50


This morning we got up very late, and I slept through my morning writing for the first time in weeks.

We spent most of the day playing with the new pulsattori washing machine. We did three loads of washing, each of which took an hour, after we had spent about an hour setting it up and working out a system for using it. I loaded it with water from the well.

Each wash takes approximately 180 litres of water, and each bucket drawn from the well is approximately ten litres. The first wash used the hot water from the sauna boiler. This turned out to be unnecessary, but it meant that I had to refill that. By the time we had finished I had drawn and carried about 600 litres of water.

Now the washing is hanging out to dry on the new washing line, and we are about to sit in the steps of the outdoor kitchen to celebrate with a glass of Prosecco.

We will go to bed at a sensible time tonight because we are going to be at the market tomorrow morning.