Wednesday, July 3

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The evening market, 17:00


Today was up and down. Irma located exactly the sort of washing machine we need: in a half price sale in Hobby Hall but was angry about having to go to Helsinki. We did some gardening and tidying.

Now we are at the market, which is busier than we expected. The time will pass quickly and Irma will be happy with the results.

Afterwards she will leave for Helsinki, after a discussion about who, if anyone, should go with her. Her final decision is that nobody should this time, but somebody should next time. As she leaves haywork will be going on. Auo will go to help but, since it is drawing to a close for the day, nobody else will be wanted.

An hour later there will be silence broken by the occasional bird noise and the sound of Auo’s cello.

After that we will have supper and go to bed. Auo, of course, will grab Irma’s bed.