Tuesday, June 25

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Garden, Sundö, 12:10


The cat arrived home about 2:30. I heard it scratching at the door and got up to let it in. It ate and spent the rest of the night at the end of Auo’s bed.

Today was a work day and everyone was up and eating breakfast at 8:00. The girls were in the fields at 9:00 and I was hacking away at the wordface. This morning I actually felt as though I achieved something.

Now I am in the hot, sunless air wondering whether or not to water the herbs. I decide that I will. I also decide that the table looks as though it was always intended to stand where it is standing.

In the afternoon I will go to Tirmo to get some juice for the girls and a pizza for dinner tonight, to accompany the salad I will make. I will also sit in the garden reading about Authentic Happiness.

In the evening I will do some more writing while the girls are swimming, and then retire to read what I have done and plan for tomorrow.