Sunday, June 23

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Sundö, 11:30


Today we got up and started to do a lot of small odd jobs around the garden.

I made a simple stand for the buckets of water in the outdoor kitchen. We then transferred everything to the kitchen from the old table where it had been for the last three years. Finally we moved the old table somewhere else and declared that it was a table for herbs.

Auo has noticed that it is very misty in the bay, and I am photographing it. It will get even mistier later. Irma will declare that traditionally mist on the sea indicates a big change in the underlying weather pattern, and we will all hope that this means summer is finally here.

Irma will seal this by having her first swim in the bay. (The girls have been swimming all week.)

After this I will decide that we need a step for the kitchen and that a tree stump would be perfect. I will find one in a nearby field and spend the rest of the day transferring it. Digging the 20cm hole will prove to be a major misjudgement since I will have to saw through a mass of tree roots to do it.

By evening it will be done, and everyone will go to bed early.