Wednesday, June 19

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Tirmo, 17:10


I spent some time in the morning writing. I have been finding it difficult, but this morning it started happening again. I had spent the last week trying to find a new approach, and I have one. I spent the last few days fine-tuning it and now I have begun writing.

The girls spent most of the day in the fields again. At 13:00 I had a Google Hangout with Pixelache who were having a summer picnic in front of the office in Suvilahti. I felt obliged to eat a sandwich and some juice at my end to play my part properly.

Svante came in the afternoon to fit the plumbing into the new kitchen shed and as soon as he finished I painted the table area.

Now I am at Tirmo, where I have delivered a big bag of rubbish before it started attracting flies. I saw Margit arriving from Helsinki and now she is sitting with Ville outside the bar in the sun. I say hello when I go to buy some juice for the girls, who have been drinking litres of it after their fieldwork.

In the evening I will redraft the brief I wrote yesterday after getting feedback from Lars. Then we will all go to bed early because it is potato day tomorrow, and so work starts at 8:00.