Tuesday, June 18

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Sea between Tirmo and Sundö, 15:50


Today began cold but got sunnier. Naa and Auo went to the fields to carry on weeding. Today they were on their own because Mikael and Camilla had both gone to Borgå for the day. Even without supervision they still did a full day’s work.

I had an hour phone conversation with Lars in the morning about the South African project. This was going to be a three-way video Skype call with Jutta, but Skype refused to work. At the end I had agreed to write a brief for the project and send it to Lars this evening. I then had a thirty minute phone call with Jutta to bring her up to date.

In the afternoon I painted the shed windows, inside and out. I had taped them yesterday and I used a very small brush, so the afternoon whizzed by quite happily.

Now I am coming back from Tirmo, where I have been trying to find some food from the meagre supplies available. I found a packet of meatballs, the only one in the shop, and bought it before somebody else did. The sky is much brighter than yesterday and it actually feels warm.

When I get back I will cook pasta and meatballs in cream, before writing a first draft of the brief and sending it to Lars.