Monday, June 17

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Between Tirmo and Sundö, 12:55


The cat woke us both up in the middle of the night and that, together with the fact that it was freezing cold, kept us in bed later than usual.

I woke about 9:00 and Auo woke a few minutes later. We shivered our way through breakfast and then waited for the sun to come out. At 11:00 the weather started to clear, and I dug a fern from the bank of the river-like ditch and replanted it in the middle of the garden, to replace the dead bush.

I then taped the windows in the outdoor kitchen so that I could paint them without creating a mess that will irritate me for years. At 12:30 Auo and I went to Tirmo to see if they had any pizzas, and to work out the week’s dinner possibilities.

Walking round the shop the possibilities seemed almost non-existent. There we no pizzas, and no frozen food of any sort. I bought one of the two packets of mashed potato available and two ice-creams, and we keft.

Now we are on the ferry back to Sundö. The sky is darkening again.

I will finish taping the windows, phone Jutta, and make sausage and mash. As soon as we have finished eating, it will start raining and within ten minutes there will be a downpour.

The rain will pour down for the rest of the day and no painting will get done. Naa will arrive back from Helsinki in the early evening after a bus ride from Kamppi to Borgå, and a car ride with Johan from there. We will sit in the cold until bedtime.