Thursday, June 13

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Garden, Vartiokylä, 18:00


This morning I redid my new synopsis and answered a load of email. Then I tidied the house while Naa and Camilla were working in the fields. The sun was out for the first time since Sunday, and the cat actually left the building.

At 14:30 I took the rubbish and caught the ferry. At 14:50 I got the bus to Porvoo, where I got an 813 to Itäkeskus. This meant that it stopped at Teboil and I only had a 200 metre walk to home.

When I got home Pate was making the front fence and Irma was gardening. Then Auo arrived home from her architecture course and began practising her cello.

Now I am gardening too, and round the back of the house the bikes are looking lonely and unused. I contemplate biking to Itäkeskus for no particular reason, and as I do it starts to rain.

In the evening it will rain heavily and then ease off. Indoors we will watch the last episode of The Following and fail to be disappointed.