Wednesday, June 12

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Outside the sauna house, Sundö, 17:15


The cat woke me at 4:00 wanting to go out. It kept up a performance of climbing on me and doing what Irma refers to as its bread-kneading act on my stomach. At 5:45 I got up and let it go out so I could get some more sleep.

Naa went off to work at 9:00. They have planned to work very hard today and tomorrow because it is allegedly going to pur with rain again on Friday. I tidied up, washed my hair and body in the sauna house, and then sat and read. At 11:00 Naa came back for lunch, and then at 12:00, a few minutes after she had returned to the fields, it began raining very heavily. She didn’t come back.

I finally got to where I needed to be with the process of rewriting my thesis. I had been trying to “make it better”. I realised that I should be throwing it away and starting again, reassembling the material I have into a completely knew pattern. At 12:30 I worked out what this new pattern should be. I spent the afternoon writing it down, and now that the outline is completed it makes perfect sense.

At 16:00 it stopped raining so I took some rubbish to Tirmo. On the way back again, of course, it started raining heavily so I got washed my hair and body for the second time today.

Now I am outside the sauna house looking at the water barrels. The drain is dropping water into them. Soon I will go and make dinner for Naa and me, and hope that tomorrow the weather is fine.