Thursday, June 6

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Outside Arcada, 16:30


This morning we came back from Pellinki. Auo, Naa and I caught the 10:00 ferry with the aim of getting the bus to Borgå. Ville was on the ferry though, in his car, and he gave us a lift, with the result that we got an earlier bus to Helsinki.

We got a fast bus and the driver decided that it was so fast that he wouldn’t stop at Vartiokylä but drove us to Itäkeskus instead. Naa went to Kamppi and Auo and I had lunch at Subway: tuna melt, her favourite, and not a bad favourite to have.

Now I am at Arcada, about to listen to the final presentations of the second year Media Masters students. These will turn out to include one excellent, two good and one in need or urgent rethinking.

At home we will watch the final episode pf The Following, only to discover that it is in fact the penultimate episode. I will therefore alter my plans for next week.

We will finish the night by watching CSI Miami and Trainspotting simultaneously through rapid channel switching.