Saturday, June 1

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The garden, 15:00


This morning Auo and I got up at 7:00 in order to get to her school at 8:15. This is the last day of school and Auo has her final assembly, followed by the giving out of the school reports.

We arrived with carrier bags full of trays and cases that had been used earlier in the week at the school party. We were returning them to their rightful owners.

Irma arrived about 9:15 in time for the handing out of prizes and certificates. Auo scored an average of 9.3 and was happy. At the end we helped tidy up and then drove Teacher Dan home, since everyone had given him a gift and he could hardly stand with his packages, let alone walk.

Now Irma and I are at home gardening. We are officially in a heatwave and the sun is blazing down.

Naa is at Kamppi with Irma’s parents and Auo is out shopping at the Kamppi mall with the twins from her class. I have picked up something that I thought was a ladybird. I am wrong. It has no spots.

Irma tells me to take it into the road and kill it, but it in the time between photographing it and stamping on it, it will fly off. I will avoid losing karma points and return to weeding.