Sunday, June 2

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Sundö, 14:30


This morning we drove down to Sundö. The cat was out in the sun and didn’t come home by the time we left. Irma put a bowl of dried food out and we hoped for the best.

We got to the summer house at about midday. In the last two weeks summer has arrived full-force, and so the first thing I did was pull up the few bamboos that had started sprouting in the garden. Irma started the lawnmower while I wa doing this.

This afternoon is Johan’s graduation party and we are here to celebrate. I am looking at the cake as the guests begin to arrive. I made a semi-formal speech as we entered, since custome dictates that the head of the family does so. This meant I got to play the part of the head of the family for five minutes too!

We will sit eating and drinking until the early evening in a mixture of languages. We will all fall asleep about 22:00, as soon as we lay down.